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Christopher J. Amentas, of the law firm of Carosella & Associates located in West Chester PA, specializes in litigation with a particular emphasis on commercial, construction, personal injury, zoning/land use and municipal matters.

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Christopher J. Amentas, of the law firm of Carosella & Associates, specializes in litigation with a particular emphasis on:

  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Personal Injury
  • Zoning/Land Use and municipal matters.

Carosella & Associates is a full-service firm located in West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Carosella & Associates’ attorneys do not believe in being “jacks of all trades.”  Rather, its diverse group of attorneys individually specialize in particular areas of the law.  These areas of practice include bankruptcy, commercial litigation, construction litigation, criminal law, commercial and residential real estate and zoning issues, and general corporate transactions.

Mr. Amentas strives to achieve his clients’ optimum result by the most efficient and inexpensive means possible.  This approach is driven by the fact that he represents small businesses and individuals almost exclusively, and understands that his clients are watching their bottom lines in challenging economic times.  In practice, the approach involves making every effort to resolve legal disputes early through diplomacy and the application of practical problem-solving skills, prior to running up high litigation costs. Mr. Amentas is a graduate of Boston College and Villanova University School of Law.  He served on the East Fallowfield Township Board of Supervisors from 2009-2013, including two years as Board Chairman. For a free consultation with Mr. Amentas, call (267) 265-5757.

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